About us

We live in Okotoks, Alberta, and have enjoyed Siberian Huskies in our family for 20 years. They are first and foremost our pets and over the years we have bred our females only occasionally.

We started our adventure by adopting a wonderful black and white male husky, Jake, in 1992. In 1994, Nikita joined our family and, as they say, we have never looked back.

A little about the breed

Originally, the breed was from eastern Siberia and was a vital part of the lifestyle of the native people, named Chuckchi, when discovered by North American traders.

The Siberian's ability to haul light loads at moderate speeds over great distances ensured their success at races around the turn of the century and continues to be an area where the breed shines.

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog and is quick and light on its feet. Males range from 21 to 23.5 inches and weight up to 60 lbs. Females range from 20 to 22 inches and weigh between 39 and 50 lbs.

The coat is a double coat, which includes a medium-length guard coat to repel weather, and a shorter, dense, soft undercoat for warmth.

One of the interesting features of this breed is the variety of coat colours: everything from solid white to solid black is acceptable and many Siberian Huskies have very distinct and interesting facial markings.

Eye colour can also vary. Both brown eyes and blue eyes are common, and frequently dogs have one of each colour, or eyes that are part blue and part brown.

Because Siberian Huskies were bred to function as part of a team, they are happiest with company. They are very social with people of all ages. Their natural exuberance also means that they require a considerable amount of exercise.